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Margaret Hanes, Eastern Michigan University


Assistant Professor, Director EMC Herbarium

Hanes Webpage:


Contact Information:

Eastern Michigan University
Department of Biology
401-M Mark Jefferson Science Complex
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Phone: (734) 487-4394
Fax: (734) 487- 9235
Email: [email protected]

Academic Background:

PhD University of Wisconsin Madison
B.S. Northern Arizona University

Research Interests:

My research explores the processes that create plant biodiversity by delineating independently evolving lineages and investigating species boundaries. I work to detect current, continuing and historical processes in two distinct groups of plants. On Madagascar I explore the evolutionary history of the Hibiscus Tribe (Hibisceae: Malvaceae) as well as biogeographical patterns in the family throughout the Indian Ocean Basin. I am also working on the phylogeny and mechanisms of speciation in the American carnivorous pitcher plant genus Sarracenia (Sarraceniaceae).