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Christine Johnson, American Museum of Natural History



Coordinate and supervise the management of the collections of the Division ofInvertebrate Zoology at the American Museum of Natural History, andfacilitate collection use by AMNH Curators, Scientific Staff, students, andvisiting scientists.Academic backgroundPh.D. and M.S. The Graduate School & University Center of the CityUniversity of New York; B.A. New York UniversityResearch InterestsI am a behavioral ecologist and my major research focuses on interactionsbetween social parasites and their hosts, with a specialization on slave-makerants. Other research includes examining the ultimate and proximatemechanisms that drive divergent life history strategies in ants, as well asreproductive dominance hierarchies in species that lack a morphologicallydriven division of labor.I am the Managing Editor of Entomologica Americana, the co-founder andAssociate Editor of Journal of Negative Results Ecology & EvolutionaryBiology, and Associate Editor for Annales Zoologici Fennici. I am a member ofSociety for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, International Unionfor the Study of Social Insects, International Society for Behavioral Ecology,Animal Behavior Society, and Association for Women in ScienceAffiliationsDivision of Invertebrate Zoology AMNHRichard Gilder Graduate School - AMNHAnimal Behavior & Conservation Program Hunter CollegeThe Biology Department City College of New York