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David Kavanaugh, California Academy of Sciences

Senior Curator of Entomology, Department of Entomology, California Academy of Sciences

55 Music Concourse Drive
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: (415) 379-5315
Fax: (415) 379-5714
Email: [email protected]

Description: Responsible for setting collection maintenance, use, and development policies, supervision of collections manager and selected support staff, direct oversight of use and development of the Coleoptera section of the collection.

Academic background: Ph.D. in Entomology, University of Alberta (Edmonton); M.A. in Biology, University of Colorado; B.A. in Biology, San Jose State University.

Research interests: My systematic specialty is the beetle family Carabidae. My particular interests are with the supertribe Nebriitae and the phylogeny and biogeography of carabids living at high elevations and latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. I’m also involved in long-term biodiversity inventories of carabid faunas of western North America, Yunnan Province in China, Madagascar, and the islands in the Gulf of Guinea.

Affiliations: I am currently active in the Entomological Collections Network, the Entomological Society of America, the Pacific Coast Entomological Society, and the Coleopterists Society and have held a variety of offices in all but the first of these organizations.