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Richard Rabeler, University of Michigan

Senior Research Museum Collection Manager, Assistant Research Scientist

email: [email protected] | phone:  734-764-2407      

Academic background
Michigan State University, Ph.D.
Michigan State University. M.S.
Hartwick College, B.A.

Research interests
I specialize in the Caryophyllaceae. One of my major interests involves documenting occurrences of introduced members of this family, especially in the Great Lakes region and the southeastern United States. These plants are often much more widely distributed than suggested by floristic manuals. I am also interested in nomenclature and relationships of the genera and subfamilies that are included in the Caryophyllaceae.

I am active in the Flora of North America project, currently serving as Co-Lead Editor on Volume 17 with Dr. Craig C. Freeman of the University of Kansas.  I am also Past-President of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections.

Select publications
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